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The End

Perhaps you may have noticed that we’ve been gone for a while. We’ve wanted to make this announcement for some time, but I think both of us knew that once it went out… Continue reading

2021 Reprints: Story 5

In our house there is a small room hidden behind a bookshelf: it was an add-on, a novelty we inherited from the previous owners. He was a librarian and she was a seamstress. She craved a space of her own, and so he built the hidden passage so she would have a place to sew. At least, that is what our real estate agent told us: the house was already empty when we put our bid in. I was pregnant with my son at the time. My husband had hurt his back playing tennis—

Review: Ventriloquisms by Jaclyn Watterson

Understanding the Abstracted: A Look into Jaclyn Watterson’s “Ventriloquisms” “By the time he’s dead, delicacy, like high-heeled shoes, is a vector, and–no surprise–ventriloquism is no longer a form of self-expression. Stick a feather,… Continue reading

March Reprints: Week 4

The two shared a monster. The monster shared the two. Duplicates of the monster, which were still the monster, lived in each of the two, in their sternums. Usually. The two were named… Continue reading

Issue 13

The Fall 2016 issue of Psychopomp Magazine is now live.

Featuring work by McKenzie Hightower, Morgan Fox, Hugh Behm-Steinberg, and Vera Kurian.

March Reprints: Week 5

  There once was an orchid named Ed. He fell in total love with a wasp named Earl, who loved Ed back, totally. Together they became something else, not Earl and not Ed… Continue reading

March Reprints: Week 4

  After Justin’s father left and his mother began drinking, Justin would walk through the rooms and touch things his father had touched, what she hadn’t thrown out or broken, would feel these solid objects… Continue reading

Free Reading Period

Our latest free reading period starts today and continues until mid-December. Our fall issue is all lined up (and due out next month), so we’re now reading for the winter issue and beyond. You… Continue reading

Chat with the Editors: Psychopomp Magazine Submission Process

Cole Bucciaglia: We thought we’d discuss our acceptance statistics and submission process so that writers can get a little behind the scenes look if they are sending in their work. There are great… Continue reading

Free Reading Period

Psychopomp Magazine is currently open to free submissions!