2016 Psychopomp Magazine Short Fiction Award


1st Place – $500
“Witchmother” by Brandi Wells

Runners-Up – $100 (each)
“Remains” by Morgan Fox
“The Handle” by Jason Marc Harris
“The Village of Hands and Feet” by McKenzie Hightower

“Ursa Major’s Levitation Toward Enlightenment” by Danielle Lea Buchanan
“I Have Kept Nearly All of My Promises” by Catherine Carberry
“Hag Stone” by Brenda Mann Hammack
“Living Impaired” by Dustin M. Hoffman
“Closer to Wolf” by Meredith Luby
“Open Your Eyes” by Allie Marini
“Seven Things That Never Happened” by Julia Park Tracey
“Little Flowers in the Heat” by Steven Wolf