The End

Perhaps you may have noticed that we’ve been gone for a while. We’ve wanted to make this announcement for some time, but I think both of us knew that once it went out it would truly become final. Effective immediately, Psychopomp Magazine will be shuttering its weirdo literary doors, while leaving our wonderful archive online indefinitely. At, you’ll find rising, fearless, and some now very established voices who we have had the pleasure of publishing. Cole and I started this magazine in 2013, a labor of love to champion genre pushing and experimental work. We’ve grown as editors and writers through this experience and in many ways this magazine is part of our own love story. But as I tell my students, sometimes the best thing for a steward of a literary project is to know when to say goodbye. Given changing professional and life circumstances that have taken us away from the magazine, the time to say goodbye is now. So, thank you for your words, your readership, and your support. We hope that our modest magazine has helped ferry you away from the familiar over the last few years. — Sequoia Nagamatsu and Cole Bucciaglia