March Reprints: Week 5



There once was an orchid named Ed. He fell in total love with a wasp named Earl, who loved Ed back, totally. Together they became something else, not Earl and not Ed but Earl&Ed, wherein there ceased entirely to be Earl or Ed separately, although Earl&Ed retained the specificities of both its components.

Earl + Ed → Earl&Ed.
Earl&Ed ≠ Earl + Ed.
i.e., Earl&Ed > Earl + Ed.
i.e., Earl&Ed = (Earl→Ed) + (Ed→Earl).*

*where → is a form of becoming.

Our story this week is “Earl and Ed” by Megan Milks with illustrations by Marian Runk.

You can read the rest of the story here. Click on the illustrations in order to view them in high detail.

That’s the last installment of our 2016 month of republished stories. It was great fun to give stories a new chance to be read online. We hope you enjoyed them! Don’t forget to read the others if you haven’t already. Same time next year?