The End

Perhaps you may have noticed that we’ve been gone for a while. We’ve wanted to make this announcement for some time, but I think both of us knew that once it went out… Continue reading

Issue 8.2 | Winter 2022

Stories by Beth Gilstrap, Gabrielle Grifis, Carolina Mata, Linda McMullen, Andrew Najberg, Mandira Pattnaik, Emma Roles, and Bradley Sides. Read on!

2021 Reprints: Final Story

Little Red Riding Hood isn’t really named Little Red Riding Hood. Her name is Elizabeth, or Mary, or some other good English name. Regardless of whether her name is Mary or Elizabeth she… Continue reading

2021 Reprints: Story 5

In our house there is a small room hidden behind a bookshelf: it was an add-on, a novelty we inherited from the previous owners. He was a librarian and she was a seamstress. She craved a space of her own, and so he built the hidden passage so she would have a place to sew. At least, that is what our real estate agent told us: the house was already empty when we put our bid in. I was pregnant with my son at the time. My husband had hurt his back playing tennis—

2021 Reprints: Week 4

The feeling of overwhelming dread that you’ve been experiencing for the past three weeks will leave you sleepless. That sleeplessness will leave you irritable. That irritability will leave you anxious. That anxiety that… Continue reading

2021 Reprints: Week 3

When the stars were created, they were blue, red, white, yellow, and speckled. As the evening star appears in the growing twilight like a tiny seashell, its whiteness a beacon, the tender face… Continue reading

2021 Reprints: Week 2

Perhaps I am a wicked girl.        That is why I never listen to my mother, or my grandmother, or my great-grandmother. Every morning before school my mother packs my lunchbox—peanut butter and strawberry jam… Continue reading

2021 Reprints: Week 1

Directions: Read each question carefully then choose the corresponding answer. You are permitted to use any clues you may have found while cleaning up this morning. You can have as long as you… Continue reading

Submission call: previously published work

Throughout February, we’re accepting submissions of work that has already been published. We’ve done this for the past few years. The goal is to give new life to work that has only been… Continue reading

Issue 7.2 | Summer/Fall 2020

The joint summer-fall 2020 issue of Psychopomp Magazine is now live. Included are stories from Aliceanna Stopher, Sarah Kalsbeek, Jay Merill, Jo Unruh, Melissa Goodrich, Julie Reeser, and Lesley Mahoney O’Connell.