If You’ve Been Naughty, Beware of the Krampus

While standing at the airport, a child ran up to me and told me, “Santa isn’t real!”  I looked at the child’s parents, whose faces had twisted in both sadness and perhaps fear… Continue reading

Review: Of This New World by Allegra Hyde

Of This New World by Allegra Hyde Winner of The John Simmons Iowa Short Fiction Award in 2016, Allegra Hyde’s collection of short stories titled Of This New World is a truly transportive… Continue reading

Psychopomp Magazine Nominees for the 2018 Pushcart Prize

We are thrilled to announce this year’s nominees for the Pushcart Prize. Black-Hearted by Madeleine Sardina, Fall Issue 5.1   The Bones and the Bird by Shannon Noel Bray, Summer Issue 4.4   Instructions… Continue reading

An Interview with Anne Valente, Final Judge for the 2018 Psychopomp Magazine Short Fiction Contest

Anne Valente is the author of the recent novel, Our Hearts Will Burn Us Down, and the short story collection, By Light We Knew Our Names. Her second novel, Utah, is forthcoming in early 2019. Her short stories appear… Continue reading

Issue 5.1 | Fall 2017

Our Fall 2017 issue, the first as we enter a fifth year of Psychopomp Magazine, includes stories from Beatriz L. Seelaender, Craig Holt, Madeleine Sardina, and Grant Gerald Miller. Follow the link to the… Continue reading

Issue 4.4 | Summer 2017

We’re excited to release the Summer 2017 issue of Psychopomp Magazine with stories from Shannon Noel Brady, Caleb Tankersley, Genevieve Mills, and Jessica Alexander. Follow the link to view the issue’s table of contents. Check our submission… Continue reading

Review: We Take Me Apart by Molly Gaudry

We Take Me Apart by Molly Gaudry “A kind in glass and a cousin, a spectacle and nothing strange” is the opening to Stein’s famous Tender Buttons. This cryptic fragment which begins the… Continue reading

Review: Our Hearts Will Burn Us Down

Our Hearts Will Burn Us Down by Anne Valente Thirty-five mixtape. Thirty-five baby books of first words, first steps, first songs sung in the bathtub among rubber toys. Thirty-five hearts that beat the… Continue reading

Interview: McKenzie Hightower

Writer McKenzie Hightower answered questions from editorial intern Daniel Heslep about writing, reading, and her story “The Village of Hands and Feet,” a Psychopomp Magazine Short Fiction Award finalist in 2016. You can… Continue reading

Issue 4.3 | Spring 2017

Dear Readers, We’re excited to release the Spring 2017 issue of Psychopomp Magazine, along with a few changes. Stories from Hannah Lackoff, Kathryn McMahon, and Rob McClure Smith are the first to be published in Psychopomp‘s… Continue reading