Submission Call: Previously Published Work

Are you by any chance looking for someplace to send a story that you’ve already had published? We may be able to help with that. For the month of February, we’ll be reading works of fiction in order to consider them for publishing in March.

The Details

Why is PM doing this? Normally, like so many other literary magazines, we do prefer submissions of work not previously published. However, we’re writers as well as editors, and we know that sometimes writers would really like to have something reprinted for good reason (perhaps to provide the story in another format than its original release, or maybe because the place where it was previously archived is now defunct, etc.). There aren’t nearly as many publications looking for previously published work as there are interested in unpublished work, though. Yet we’re confident that there are lots of great stories out there that writers might like to see republished.

How do I submit? Starting today (February 1st), you’ll be able to submit via Submittable. There won’t be a reading fee. Except for the one detail of this being for reprints, the category will have pretty similar guidelines to those for our regular submissions.

Is this part of the regular issue or a separate issue or what? We’ll release our regular Spring Issue in April as planned. Stories accepted for this call won’t be a part of that. Instead, we’d like to publish these stories in the month of March directly on our website.

Is any previously published story eligible? Not *any* story. Any story not currently available online is eligible. If your story has only ever appeared in print or if it was published online but is no longer available in a publication’s archives for one reason or another, it is eligible. If it’s currently elsewhere on the web for public viewing, that’s something we won’t consider. We’d like to give the opportunity to work that currently can’t be read online, so that we can (re)introduce it to a readership that can’t see it otherwise.

Will you pay? No, we do not offer payment for work that has already been published.

When is the deadline to submit? By March 4th. Though there’s no need to leave it for the last minute! For obvious reasons a story sent to us on March 4th probably won’t be published by March 5th. We’d ideally like to release a few here and there over the weeks of March, so in a way submitting earlier gets you a jump-start on being considered for the whole month instead of just the tail end.

Have you done this before? Yes! We did it last year and received lots of great work. You can see what we published in March of 2016.

Where to direct questions not answered here? Please e-mail us at with “Digital Reprint Inquiry” in the subject line.