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Digital Reprints: Week 3

The insects revolted that summer. No one knew why. Grasshoppers, locusts, beetles, and bees, buzzing and chirruping, jumping from the grass. They came in chitinous hordes, scrabbling from the earth and shaking the… Continue reading

Spring Reprints: Week 3 Pt. 2

Friday after school I discover Tommy hovering a foot above his crib. Suspended in midair, floating on all fours. Tommy, I say, you’ll hurt yourself: owie, ouchie. His mobile twirls inches above him.… Continue reading

Spring Reprints: Week 3

This is a synchronicity chart, assembled using data from our tracking devices, detailing the synchrons that co-manifested at precisely 22:52 Western Galactic Time, at Spacelab 423, Multi-Dimensional Scanner Project of the Synchronics Lab,… Continue reading

Spring Reprints: Week 2

On Monday I don’t even go inside. I circle the house twice, looking for clues about what is expected of me, how I might help. Finally, the only thing I can think to… Continue reading

Spring Reprints: Week 1

I lived with my husband at the edge of Manhattan. At night in the winter when the trees were bare we looked toward the Hudson River. We cherished our view and waited all… Continue reading

Submission Call: Previously Published Work (not available elsewhere online)

Until the end of March, we’re accepting submissions of work that has already been published. We’ve done this for the past three years. The goal is to give new life to work that… Continue reading

Spring Reprints: Week 3 pt. 2

The security camera at Morrison’s Party Rentals is lonely. Its job is to document its own solitude. Or its job is to enforce its own solitude, and the record of this job becomes… Continue reading

Spring Reprints: Week 3

The cacti are letting go. Nobody is quite sure why, or if there’s anything we can do about it. The news websites say it’s the whole cactus family. Their root systems are disintegrating.… Continue reading

Spring Reprints: Week 2 Pt. 2

June in Ventura is a gloomy month. The fog creeps in from the ocean and stretches its fingers inland, settling in the creases of the hills, the spaces between office buildings, the narrow… Continue reading

Spring Reprint: Week 2 Pt. 1

Where the river meets rock and dirt, bone and blood and fire, you will find the abyss. You might sense a creeping monstrosity that inches in the spectrum of light outside of human… Continue reading