NOTE: We are currently closed to submissions.

Our acceptance rate is currently around 3.5%. We strongly encourage you to read an issue or two before submitting.

Mission Statement:

The Psychopomp Magazine staff is committed to publishing original fiction that dares to redefine traditional storytelling and genre borders. While we like stories that treat the concepts of passages, transitions, and the state of being betwixt and between, we are open to all work regardless of theme. We are generally not looking for traditional realist fiction or pure hard genre. With that said, we are certainly open to publishing more traditional literary work or more hard genre (no fan fiction) so long as it’s really, really good. The best way to get a feel for what we publish is to read our issues.

Please submit all work for consideration to our account at Submittable.


1. Simultaneous submissions are welcome, but please do inform us if your work is accepted elsewhere as soon as possible.

2. Please only submit one story at a time unless your individual submissions are under 1,000 words in which case you may send up to three pieces in one file. Note that we do not publish verse.

3. Our word limit for general submissions is approximately 5,000 words (we reserve the right to stop reading at this limit, so keep this in mind). If you happen to see a story that is much longer than this limit, it means we solicited it or that it was a contest winner or finalist. Please send .Doc or .PDF formats only.

4. We acquire First North American serial rights, which return to the author upon publication. This means that we only accept unpublished, original work (except in the case of our reprint issues). We do ask that we be noted/credited in any future re-printings.

5. As of 2017, we pay 2 cents a word up to $100 (and starting at a minimum of $5) for all previously unpublished stories accepted for publication in one of our regular issues. This does not apply to the digital reprints.

6. Response Time: We’re writers as well, so we know the importance of timely (and courteous) feedback. While we try to respond to all submissions within four months, there may be times when our backlog of submissions requires us to take a bit longer. Please feel free to query about your submission if you have not heard from us after four months. We do not accept submissions via email. Submissions sent via email will not receive a response.

Direct any inquiries to