Issue 5.4 | Summer 2018

In this issue you can read the winning entries of our 2018 contest as well as our finalists. Our first place winner, as selected by our judge Anne Valente, is “Kingfisher Bridge” by Niamh MacCabe. Valente describes the winning story as follows: “Narrated in gorgeously lush, precise prose of the natural world, ‘Kingfisher Bridge’ centers on a boy gone missing, the chaos of which is organized throughout the story by the Gaelic Alphabet Through Trees—one of the boy’s favorite charts. This piece pulls the reader in immediately, and is expertly and beautifully drawn.”

Second and third place, respectively, are “The Entryway” by Kira Bell and “If Not This” by Michelle Donahue. Also included are stories by Alyssa Proujansky, John Colburn, and SELMS. Continue to the table of contents.

We’re still reading for our fall issue and beyond, and fee-free submissions will remain open until mid-August. Please consult our submission guidelines for further details.

Thanks for reading!