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Submission call: previously published work

Throughout February, we’re accepting submissions of work that has already been published. We’ve done this for the past few years. The goal is to give new life to work that has only been… Continue reading

Issue 7.2 | Summer/Fall 2020

The joint summer-fall 2020 issue of Psychopomp Magazine is now live. Included are stories from Aliceanna Stopher, Sarah Kalsbeek, Jay Merill, Jo Unruh, Melissa Goodrich, Julie Reeser, and Lesley Mahoney O’Connell.

Issue 7.1 | Winter 2020

The Winter 2020 issue of Psychopomp Magazine is now live. Included are stories by Emily Dezurick-Badran, Benjamin Niespodziany, Gabriel Coffman, G.G. Silverman, Petra Kuppers, and Lou Terlikowski. Go to the table of contents to see the full list of titles.… Continue reading

Issue 6.4 | Summer 2019

Our Summer 2019 issue is now live. Included are stories from Paul Crenshaw, Jennifer Wortman, and Jawziya F. Zaman, as well as the 2019 Psychopomp Magazine Short Fiction Award winners David J. Wingrave,… Continue reading

Issue 6.2 | Winter 2019

The Winter 2019 issue of Psychopomp Magazine is now live. Included are stories by Jackie Alexander, Christopher D. DiCicco, Couri Johnson, Anastasia Kirchoff, and Ryan Row. Go to the table of contents to see the full list of… Continue reading

Issue 6.1 | Fall 2018

Our Fall 2018 issue includes stories from Elle Drumheller, Elliott Gish, Carlea Holl-Jensen, and Alyssa Quinn. We’ve had a large increase in submissions to Psychopomp Magazine over the summer, so this issue is coming to you a little… Continue reading

Issue 5.4 | Summer 2018

In this issue you can read the winning entries of our 2018 contest as well as our finalists. Our first place winner, as selected by our judge Anne Valente, is “Kingfisher Bridge” by Niamh MacCabe. Valente describes the winning story as follows: “Narrated in gorgeously lush, precise prose of the natural world, ‘Kingfisher Bridge’ centers on a boy gone missing, the chaos of which is organized throughout the story by the Gaelic Alphabet Through Trees—one of the boy’s favorite charts. This piece pulls the reader in immediately, and is expertly and beautifully drawn.”

Issue 5.2 | Winter 2018

Our Winter 2018 issue contains work from Michele Zimmerman, Jessica Love, and Raluca Balasa. Three stories may seem like few for us, as we usually range from four to six, but we love… Continue reading

Issue 5.1 | Fall 2017

Our Fall 2017 issue, the first as we enter a fifth year of Psychopomp Magazine, includes stories from Beatriz L. Seelaender, Craig Holt, Madeleine Sardina, and Grant Gerald Miller. Follow the link to the… Continue reading

Issue 4.4 | Summer 2017

We’re excited to release the Summer 2017 issue of Psychopomp Magazine with stories from Shannon Noel Brady, Caleb Tankersley, Genevieve Mills, and Jessica Alexander. Follow the link to view the issue’s table of contents. Check our submission… Continue reading