March Reprints: Week 3



“My sweet life as a killer began one afternoon in our Greenmont Village tract home, a sunny California Modern knockoff full of little imaginings and absent-minded guardians. Did I have ample opportunities for silently viewing the dust settling through the rays of sunbeams? Oh, the splendors of sprawling out on plush cream carpeting, eyes dreaming up through the acoustic ceiling, mouth agape to catch diamond dust and occasional boogers delivered by hand. I was raw and six. It happened in the “after school special” hours, the first murder, ending right before dusk. A common species of housefly or more scientifically Musca Domestica, to whom I will more intimately refer as Nub, became my lovely windowsill victim.”

This week in our digital reprint series, we’ll release two stories. The first is Caroll Sun Yang’s “Nub: A Virgin Wolf Redux,” which was originally published by Audemus in 2010. You can read the rest of the story on our website here.

Check back for another digital reprint this Thursday.