Issue 10

issue10thumbThe Winter 2016 issue of Psychopomp Magazine is now available. This is our tenth issue, and the second in Volume 3.

Featured inside is prose by Sam Averis, Laura I. Miller, Raven Leilani, Nolan Liebert, & Mike Petrik.

Interior art is by Vivian Calderón Bogoslavsky, Caitlin Crowley, and D.S. West.

This issue also does something a little different from our previous issues. We looked to the public domain for work that predates us by over a century. The cover you see is “The Great Comet of 1881” by Étienne Léopold Trouvelot.

You can view this issue on both your computer and your mobile device, although for mobile viewing, we’ve returned to our older method of making text-only PDFs available in order to assure a streamlined reading experience. Issue 10 can be accessed from our website in whichever form you prefer. We hope you enjoy it!