An Interview with Timothy Schaffert, the final judge of Psychopomp Magazine’s Short Fiction Contest

Timothy Schaffert is the author of five novels, most recently The Swan Gondola (forthcoming from Riverhead/Penguin in February). He is also the author of: The Coffins of Little Hope (Indie Next pick; starred review from Publishers Weekly);Devils… Continue reading

Ritual Costumes: The creatures within you, the creatures that are you…

Halloween has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean we’re not wearing costumes anymore. Business suits and work uniforms are charged with history, symbolic meaning, and even power. In the urban jungle, a tie… Continue reading

Creature Feature #2: The Faceless

The Noppera-bo is a type of creature or spirit in Japanese folklore that you could easily walk past on the street if they didn’t show their true face, which is, in fact, no… Continue reading

Creature Feature #1: Headless Riders

The Dullahan (a type of faerie) is an Irish headless rider. The entity rides a black horse while carrying his/her head to the side. The Dullahan’s whip is made of human spines and the wagon… Continue reading

Science-Fiction and the Imaginations of Innovators

My co-editor and I recently watched the movie Europa Report, a science fiction thriller about an expedition to Europa. For those who might not know, this icy moon of Jupiter has long captured… Continue reading