Best of the Net Nominations

file7841246478415We’re pleased to announce Psychopomp Magazine’s nominations for the 2016 Best of the Net Anthology.

Jaclyn Watterson’s “Charlie’s Kidney”

That winter, so many animals and people froze to death the state began distributing their carcasses for meat, and I fought every dervish for Charlie. That winter of 19–, the competition nearly secured Charlie Habsburg’s affections.

When several suitors vie for Charlie Habsburg’s attention, one woman employs increasingly unexpected methods in her effort to win the title of Mrs. Habsburg.

Kendra Fortmeyer’s “The Pencil-Maker’s Gift”

When she first became a tree, she spent her days in grief. There was so much lost to her: autonomy. Breasts. Winter mornings with lemon tea.

A “not-quite-failed-poet” becomes a tree. A pencil-maker’s wife is slowly devoured by wolves. The tree-woman’s and the pencil-maker’s paths cross during a search to find the right words.

In case you missed either of these stories when they were first published, it’s not too late to give them a read!