Previously Published Work

If you’re looking to submit a story that has already been published for our March 2016 reprint issue, you’ve come to the right place.

Any story not currently available online is eligible. If your story has only ever appeared in print or if it was published online but is no longer available in a publication’s archives for one reason or another, it is eligible. If it’s currently elsewhere on the web for public viewing, that’s something we won’t consider. We’d like to give the opportunity to work that currently can’t be read online, so that we can (re)introduce it to a readership that can’t see it otherwise. Should it happen that you are uncertain whether your work is appropriate, there is no harm in e-mailing us with queries before submitting. We won’t bite.

You can submit to this category via our Submittable.

Our word limit for general submissions is approximately 5,000 words (we won’t balk if you go over within reason but be cool, okay?). If you happen to see a story that is much longer than this limit, it means we solicited it or that it was a contest winner or finalist. Please send .Doc or .PDF formats only.

For more detailed information, please see our blog post about reprints.