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Review: Red Clocks by Leni Zumas

In Leni Zumas’ novel “Red Clocks,” Congress has just passed the Personhood Amendment, outlawing In Vitro Fertilization and abortion in an America eerily like our own. The novel weaves together the lives of… Continue reading

Review: Ventriloquisms by Jaclyn Watterson

Understanding the Abstracted: A Look into Jaclyn Watterson’s “Ventriloquisms” “By the time he’s dead, delicacy, like high-heeled shoes, is a vector, and–no surprise–ventriloquism is no longer a form of self-expression. Stick a feather,… Continue reading

Review: Ottessa Moshfegh (Homesick for Another World and Eileen)

If you want to look beyond carefully censored stories that operate within the bounds of social niceties, then Ottessa Moshfegh’s writing is for you. Unapologetically raw, honest, and maybe, just maybe, too familiar… Continue reading

Review: Of This New World by Allegra Hyde

Of This New World by Allegra Hyde Winner of The John Simmons Iowa Short Fiction Award in 2016, Allegra Hyde’s collection of short stories titled Of This New World is a truly transportive… Continue reading

Review: We Take Me Apart by Molly Gaudry

We Take Me Apart by Molly Gaudry “A kind in glass and a cousin, a spectacle and nothing strange” is the opening to Stein’s famous Tender Buttons. This cryptic fragment which begins the… Continue reading

Review: Our Hearts Will Burn Us Down

Our Hearts Will Burn Us Down by Anne Valente Thirty-five mixtape. Thirty-five baby books of first words, first steps, first songs sung in the bathtub among rubber toys. Thirty-five hearts that beat the… Continue reading

Book: Dr. Mütter’s Marvels

While we were at work on the third issue of Psychopomp Magazine, both Sequoia and I were in Philadelphia. I grew up in the area, and my family still lives in the Delaware… Continue reading

Book Review: Lungs Full of Noise by Tessa Mellas

I’m drawn to books with otherworldly covers, with titles that seem to speak both to the grittiness of reality and the unexpected horror and beauty of the fantastic. Lungs full of Noise, the… Continue reading