6.3 Synchrons

Lorraine Schein

When two or more events take place at a given moment of time without either one having caused the other but with a dis­tinctly meaningful relationship existing between them beyond the possibilities of coincidence, that situation has the basic elements of synchronicity . . . The essence of Synchronicity is to be found in the fact that Synchronicity carries a principle of orderedness that occurs in the uni­verse regardless of causal connections and beyond space and time.

— Ira Progoff, Jung, Synchronicity, and Human Destiny


This is a synchronicity chart, assembled using data from our tracking devices, detailing the synchrons that co-manifested at precisely 22:52 Western Galactic Time, at Spacelab 423, Multi-Dimensional Scanner Project of the Synchronics Lab, Special Monitoring Division:

1. The White City of Aeoll, which had reduced itself to a size capable of being balanced on a human finger­nail, shatters as its micro-moon reaches syzygy.

2. The clear green moonlight of New Manhattan shines seriously and coldly down through a curved glass wall, casting dappled jade shadows onto the bare body of the woman sleeping within. She hears the noise of something breaking in her dream, and awakes, startled. But everything is silent around her. Poised in stillness. She gets up, and presses the auditory activating button for the sound of an autumn wind during a rainstorm on Earth. Soon she is asleep again, and the shadows are back in place.

3. A ray of light, emitting from 23°4′ of the right side of the Zetrian crystal, lights up the southwest corner of Dr. P.’s desk.

4. The EEG pattern on the chart of Moira Robinson, a woman whose dreams are being monitored, shows an irregular and inexplicable REM pattern, unprecedented in the knowledge of the Sleep Lab researchers.

5. A sub-telepathic thought about how rain is always lucky for her, barely perceptible by her conscious mind, causes the woman walking past the Sleep Lab to continue on her way instead of taking shelter from the impending thunderstorm. This leads to her unplanned meeting with the transcriber of this chart.

6. Thrown impatiently by a young poet who lives on the outskirts of the space colony, the I Ching forms Hexagram 22 (Beauty).

6.3 Co-manifestation/Transcausal Element: Plink. The noise of the Ninth Dimension revealing itself, the sound of the pebble of space thrown into the water of time picked up by our sensitized devices, unfurling, permanently opening a rift in space-time, a kite of ineffable dimensions soaring through itself, tugging at its own string.


Lorraine Schein is a NY writer. Her work has appeared in Strange Horizons, VICE Terraform, Syntax and Salt, and Little Blue Marble and in the anthologies Tragedy Queens: Stories Inspired by Lana del Rey & Sylvia Plath, Spectral Lines: Poems About Scientists and Aphrodite TerraThe Futurist’s Mistress, her poetry book, is available from mayapplepress.com.

“6.3 Synchrons” was originally published in Unbearables, 1995.